About us

About us

Already since 1990

Company EROPLAN – the beginnings were difficult and very modest. We were able to produce only few models monthly in our garage at the beginning.

The delivery of world-class products has been our A-priority since the beginnings. Our precision and dedication were the main advertisement tools in the RC community during the period of time when the Internet was in its infancy, what reflected the quality of our work on RC models.

By growing interest in our models, we had to gradually extend the capacity of our premises and increase the production. Eventually we  have grown into a successful company which owns its own property exclusively for the needs of RC models production for more than 10 years and which is currently expanding worldwide.

RC models are our passion

EROPLAN - Pekar model

Pekár model focuses mainly on manufacturing mostly all-composite construction in ARF design. We manufacture the RC aircraft models from the highest quality materials available.

We will be glad when you find your pick in our offer. We are a stable and responsible partner for our co-workers, clients and employees. In a case of any questions regarding our models or this webpage, do not hesitate to contact us at info@eroplan.sk.

Thank you for your visit and
we wish you a pleasant and successful day!

01.Top quality of our products

Due to the fact that every single component of our models is handmade, constructed handmade and completed handmade, we have 100% perspective and supervision on keeping the world-class quality for more than 30 years.


We always keep our word. We act in a fair and professional way in every situation.


We have gained enormous amount of experience within those 30 years not only in manufacture. You can rely on our professional approach in every aspect of our work starting with manufacture and finishing with the trade. We value every single customer.

We mainly focus on the production of aircraft models of mostly all-composite construction in ARF design. We make RC airplane models from high-quality materials.

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