Kappa 20

Model KAPPA is a competition model for F5J/outruner category. The model has an electric drive which is provided by a 3-phase motor with rotating casing. This model is designed for thermal flying but it is suitable for recreational flying, too


Technical description

The wing is made of glass fabric and rohacell using sandwich technique. The main beam and all reinforcements are made of carbon fibres. The rudder and elevator are made of glass fabric and filled with rohacell core reinforced with carbon tubes. The fuselage / body consists of 2 parts – front nacelle and carbon tube. The front nacelle is made of glass fabric using compressed air which results in lower weight and maximum strength of all components. The wing contains 2 servo shafts for winglet and 2 servo shafts for lift flaps serving for rudder and elevator control.

Model specification

Kappa 20

Wing span
2 032 mm
Area of the wing
30 dm2
Wing profile
RG 15-mod.
Fusalage lenght
1 120 mm
Model flight weight
640 g
Model production weight
380 g
XM 2826 CA – 10
30 A
LiPol – 2S/1100 mA
Propeller cone
32 mm
4 x D60, 2 x D47
Reccomanded receiver
min. 5-canal
Gravity centre
80 mm
Lift force

The supplied model contains

    • Right and left half of the wing with a carbon clutch
    • rudder
    • elevator
    • front fuselage / body part – cabin
    • lower covers for servos
    • carbon tube

It is possible to deliver fully constructed model with fitted servos and electronics on request.

Achievements of the model

Kappa 20

  • Competition F5J/outrunner – Malacky-Gajary, May 5, 2013 was won by Bohuslav Majerčík with the KAPPA model.
  • Miroslav Rišo and Peter Jurkovič took part in the RCEO category competition held in Strážnice (Czech Republic).

Competition results

  • 1st place: Peter Jurkovič (Peter also won the second postponed competition on the same day, which was held before the competition mentioned above.)
  • 3rd place: Miroslav Rišo KAPPA took first and second place in the ranking of the Slovak championships in the F5J/ alto category.

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